More Faye 3 Aug 2009 Photos

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More Faye June 2009 Photos


More Photos from the Li Jian Apr 29 Performance

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Faye Wong at Li Jian’s Promo & Performace

Li Jian (李健) appreciated Faye Wong’s (王菲) appearance and support for his 29 Apr 2008 promotion and performance. In this video, listen for the audience chanting “Wang Fei! Wang Fei Wang Fei!” toward the end. Faye’s appeal is stronger than ever,

and it goes without saying that her appearance at any event will guarantee widespread national media coverage. There’s no hiding the fact that, throughout this news video, the media’s primary interest is Faye. The camera continuously focuses on her — instead of the stage — even though she appears only as a silhouette in the darkened audience.

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Faye Wong at Yang Kun’s Debut Concert

On 22 Apr 2008, Faye Wong (王菲) attended Yang Kun‘s (昆) first solo concert in Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium with close friends Carina Lau (刘嘉玲, Liu Jia Ling) and Na Ying (那英). Na Ying joined Yang Kun, acclaimed sad song pop singer and songwriter, onstage. Faye and Carina were acknowledged by Yang Kun, and as expected, the crowd went wild when Faye was introduced. Clearly, Faye was a star attraction even as she tried to remain inconspicuous.

5.1.08: Additional YouTube video.

5.16.08: Additional video of Faye in the audience. Excellent quality.

Faye’s CNN Interview 1998

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Faye Wong in 1990

Faye Wong (王菲) wasn’t always a megastar. There was a time when she was just one of many rising young stars in the Hong Kong entertainment scene, and this early period in her career is captured in this video. [7.12.08: This video is no longer available on YouTube.] The video was shot in 1990 when Faye was 20 or 21 years old. At the time, she went by the name Wang Jing Wen (王靖雯), Wong Jing Man, and Shirley Wong. She switched to “Faye Wong” with her breakthrough album, Coming Home, released in Aug 1992. Her early albums, Shirley Wong (Nov 1989), Everything (June 1990), and You’re the Only One (Dec 1990), demonstrate her peerless vocal talents but don’t have the originality and creative force that are the hallmarks of her later albums. She enjoyed some popularity, but she hadn’t yet broken through the barrier that would, in a few short years, establish her as arguably the best Chinese singer, male or female, of all time.