More Photos – Famen Temple 8 May 2009

sutra02sutra03sutra04sutra05sutra06sutra07sutra08sutra09sutra11sutra12(Source ent.QQ and CFP 9 May 2009)

famen01famen02famen03(Source Zgyswhw and China Daily 9 May 2009)

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7 Responses

  1. She looks ethereal …Thank you so much for the pictures!

  2. Yeah, I was blown away, too. Faye really is a goddess!

  3. I’m so excited. It seems that Faye’s slowly but surely coming back. (even though that wasn’t any solid evidence.) The ultimate concern is Would she release a brand new album? And what would her music be like after all these years?
    Personally, I think her last album was the most successful one to the extent that she was able to get modern electronia into typical Chinese pop music. People generally think that her last album was average, I totally disagree.
    Back to the question, Let’s discuss what other fans think her music would go.

  4. Gosh, I feel she look so good. I wonder how is the performance of the song…..Hope it will be on Youtube soon.

  5. I haven’t seen any videos yet, and one of the performance would be great!

  6. Faye Wong Sings the Heart Sutra 王菲 演唱 心經

  7. Gunter, a HUGE thanks for submitting the video! Faye’s voice is absolutely stunning!

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