Faye Wong’s Closing Song in 1998-99 HK Concert

Here’s a frame from Faye Wong’s Hong Kong Scenic Tour 98-99 video, shot on New Year’s Eve 1998 in Hong Kong Coliseum. In this flash version from China Youku.com, she’s singing her final song, “No Regrets,” a milestone track from the album by the same name, released in February 1993. There were at least a couple of firsts here: she wrote the lyrics and this became her first Mandarin release. (She composed and wrote

Tempted Heart,” which served as the theme song for her TVB series Eternity. It was released in September 1993, in the album Hundred Thousand Whys.) Faye looks fabulous in this silver dress. About a third of the way through the song, as Faye is poised on the edge of the slowly revolving stage, shaking hands with fans, some get out of hand and nearly pull her off the stage. The guards quickly rescue her. The guard in this image, BTW, also appears in her 2004 No Faye No Live! concert DVD, which was shot in the Coliseum on Christmas Eve 2003. In that performance, in the closing number, he caught her when she stumbled, saving her from a fall. A definite Afaye Hero.

Update 9 April 2009: Video (added to YouTube by riversidelily on 12 May 2008).


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