Faye Wong allegedly seen at a restaurant

On 2 May 2008, it’s rumored that Faye Wong (王菲) was seen at a restaurant. When approached by fans for autographs and photos, she is claimed to have denied being Faye and left the restaurant, leaving the fans disenchanted. At least one writer, assuming the person was Faye, criticizes her for being inconsistent: being very responsive to fans in Chengdu but turning completely around a few days later and snubbing them at the restaurant. The photo above ran with this story, but I’m not certain if it was taken at the scene. If it really was Faye, I can understand her reluctance to accommodate fans at that moment. Her denial might’ve been a misinterpretation of a gesture or comment that meant “Please, not now.” In any case, fans need to be more thoughtful of Faye and give her space, approaching her politely if there’s an opportunity to do so without disturbing her. They should be able to sense, from her response to their gawking, whether or not she’s receptive to photos and autographs. If she’s not, they ought to respect her privacy and leave her alone.