So-called Proof of Faye Wong’s Return

For the last few days in the Chinese press, an article or variations of the same article have been circulating, providing “iron-clad” proof that Faye is planning a return soon. Four pieces of evidence are cited: (1) Faye has signed a 100 million yuan contract with the company that has also signed Madonna, signifying that she will be performing once again. (2) Faye’s recent flurry of appearances indicates that she’s preparing a comeback. (3) Faye is not pregnant, as rumors suggested, and she’s therefore able to resume her career. (4) Li Yan (李嫣), Faye’s youngest daughter who will soon be two, is very healthy and much of her care is being turned over to nannies, freeing Faye to pursue her career.

Of course, there’s no proof that Faye has recently signed a contract to perform with any company. What we have is a rumor that’s been miraculously transformed into solid evidence by the sheer process of repetition. The last three are all non sequiturs: conclusions that simply don’t follow from the premises. Numerous public appearances, not being pregnant, and Li Yan’s healthy development do not add up to the inevitable conclusion that Faye will return. They could signify that Faye is feeling less reclusive and more inclined to step out into the public spotlight and that she now has more time to do so. But “iron-clad proof”? Hardly.

An article like this is understandable since it’s nearly impossible to ignore the preponderance of evidence, however circumstantial. This is especially true for Faye fans, who are always on the lookout for signs that might indicate a return. Toss not one but a handful of signs into the picture and the result is wishful thinking taking off into the stratosphere. For fans, the next best thing to not having hard news about Faye is to at least entertain dreams of her return.