Faye Wong Will Perform Tonight (May 18)!

According to Jinghua.cn (18 May 2008), Faye Wong (王菲) has agreed to perform in tonight’s CCTV earthquake disaster relief program. She’s scheduled to sing “Wishing We Last Forever” (但愿人长久). However — and that’s a BIG “however” — yesterday (the 17th), she did not participate in the rehearsal, although her name and number were at the top of the program list. The report ends with the statement that, barring unforeseen circumstances, she will perform.

I hope she will. I pray she will. But I’m skeptical. We haven’t heard from her manager, Katie Chen (陈家瑛, Chen Jiaying), and until we do, all bets are off. But all the same, I hope I’m wrong.

ADDED: According to Xinhuanet.com (18 May 2008), Faye will be performing the song in a duet. They report that Katie has confirmed the performance but is adamant that this appearance on stage is strictly for the relief effort and doesn’t signify a return to her career. If this report is accurate, then this is a milestone, a breakthrough. I’m almost afraid to think what it might mean. Let’s hope that all these reports are true and that she will perform tonight. Oh, happy day! I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s news.

ADDED: According to Sina.com (18 May 2008), Katie confirmed the story via a phone call. They quote her: “Yes, Faye will participate in the CCTV disaster relief activities. It’s a natural disaster, and she wants to help, but I hope that the media doesn’t use the word ‘comeback.'”

ADDED: According to Chinanews.com (18 May 2008), Faye’s duet will be with Eason Chan ((陈奕迅, Chen Yi Xun). The program will be televised from sites on the mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao [Taiwan, too]. Ma Jia (马葭) has also confirmed the news, but cautions that Faye “will not accept media interviews” since the purpose is to focus on the earthquake victims.

ADDED: According to News365.com.cn (18 May 2008), Faye will be part of the chorus in Eason’s rendition of “Wishing We Last Forever” (但愿人长久).


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