Faye Wong’s Ten Best ‘Minor’ Videos – #2

2. Faye Wong’s (王菲) Good Friends Concert with Na Ying (那英) and Jeff Chang (张信哲, Zhang Xinzhe), with an appearance by Carina Lau (刘嘉玲, Liu Jia Ling), in Hong Kong on 29 Sep 1998 has to be one of the best. The video quality is poor in all four parts and especially poor in the first. Still, it’s an exciting view into why friends and fans love Faye so much. In this video, she’s the most relaxed that I’ve ever seen her in

a stage performance, letting her hair down and just having a great time with good friends. Her dancing is completely natural and exuberant, and captivating. She’s the obvious megastar and major draw, but she’s completely comfortable in sharing the spotlight. This humility in her character is natural, consistent, and ultimately endearing.

Faye, Na Ying, and Jeff singing “One Night in Beijing” (北京一夜)

Faye, Na Ying, Jeff, and Carina performing “爱之初体验” (Experiencing First Love).

See “10 Best Minor Videos” in the right sidebar for links to the other selections. The introduction to this series is in selection #1.

Added 11.1.08: Click here for a related post.


2 Responses

  1. one night beijing.. faye wong is the best!!!

  2. Yes! I like this entire concert a lot — especially this song because it shows Faye’s versatility and grace. Reminds me of her songs/dances in Chinese Odyssey 2002!

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