Which One Is Faye Wong at 16?

Kojifong’s been uploading some of the best Faye Wong (王菲) videos for a while now, and this one’s fascinating. He claims that Faye is in this video, which was made 22 years ago, making Faye about 16 years old. Click on the group image below to see the video. Can you identify Faye? I tried, and after numerous viewings, I’m not sure if I can. Agamjl, in his comment, says Faye is in the 01:52-01:57 segment. The girl’s tall, but I don’t think she’s Faye. The person closest to what I think Faye must’ve looked like at 16 is in the 07:16-07:20 segment. But I wouldn’t bet money on it.

Here’s a collection of photos of Faye when she was 16, give or take. She’s obviously a little younger in the photos where she’s wearing red.

Here’s a screen shot of my best guess (left) and Agamjl’s.


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