‘Wait a Moment’ – Faye Wong and a Single Guitar

“Wait a Moment” (等等, Deng Deng) is the second track in Faye Wong 2001 (EMI, Oct 2001), and it’s one of my favorites. This is a demonstration of what Faye (王菲) can do with her voice. The only instrument is a single unplugged acoustic guitar playing quietly in the background. The music is all Faye. Faye’s voice. And it fills the soundspace in a way that no chorus or orchestra could. This is a live performance so you can’t shut out the background noise from the auditorium and the audience, but on a CD via headphones, with a completely black (silent) background, this song will blow you away. Still, despite the noise, you can still appreciate the quality of Faye’s vocal artistry. She’s the real thing, a singer’s singer. After listening to this, you have to ask yourself, “How many performers could pull this off, live, onstage, before a huge audience in a large auditorium, with only a single acoustic guitar as accompaniment?” And if you’re like me, you’d probably end up shaking your head and saying, “Not many. Maybe no one else.”

Click on the image to see the MV.

Note: The song begins at the 1:10 (one minute, ten second) mark and ends at 4:30. I couldn’t find a version that presents just the song. The audio on the copy in YouTube is pretty bad so I’m relying on this one from You.video.sina.com.

Note: Click here for a related article (11.20.08) with an internal video.


2 Responses

  1. Yes you’re absolutely true about the who could pull this off part…

    I think there is noone in the world that can pull this off,Faye is the one and true singing godess

  2. Gizmo, I agree. Faye’s in a class all her own. There are thousands of good performers, but there aren’t many who can really sing. The ultimate test is these types of live songs where there’s little or no instruments to hide behind, and this is precisely where Faye shines. Add to that the beauty of a fashion model and the character of someone you wouldn’t hesitate to call a “good friend,” and we have Faye — a one off. Thanks for the comment.

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