Faye Wong in Hong Kong for Chao Du!

21 May 2008 – Faye Wong (王菲) is in Hong Kong to participate in the Buddhist ceremony, Chao Du, for the Sichuan earthquake victims. She was mobbed by journalists at the airport and at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the site for the ceremony. The Daily Sun reports that she is planning to participate in the June 1 West Kowloon fund-raising activities that might include filming and recording. When reporters asked if she will be returning to her career, she responded with silence and a smile. During the service, she sat with Aloys Chen (陳坤, Chen Kun) and old friend Jacky Cheung (张学友). Tony Leung’s (梁朝伟) name was mentioned in connection with the upcoming fundraising activities.

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[Source: ent.163.com, 21 May 2008; ent.QQ.com, 22 May 2008; Emma Lam, Batgwa.com, 21 May 2008]

ADDED 21 May 2008 (Youtube video uploaded by Fungkarman, 21 May 2008):

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‘I Will Always Love You’ – Faye’s Hot R&B

On 8 Sep 2007, Muskmelon posted the audio (see below) for Faye Wong’s (王菲) cover of Whitney Houston’s 1992 hit, “I Will Always Love You,” on YouTube. He gave the date for the live concert recording as 1994, but was corrected in a comment by YunaHamasaki, who said, ” Actually this live cover was performed back in 1993 at her Satchi concert in Hong Kong.” I couldn’t find a photo or video of Faye singing this song. The photo on the left is from Faye’s MV, “Seasonal Gale,” from her Feb 1993 album, No Regrets, one of my all-time favorite albums. This is audio only — no video — so you’ll have to use your imagination to picture Faye on a stage in front of a live and loud audience. Songs like this remind us that Faye can belt it out with the best in the world. In the YouTube comments, nearly all the writers are blown away by the strength and power of Faye’s voice. This is another of her performances that I wish had been recorded in a studio or live by professional engineers and released on a CD. It’s a breathtaking performance that raises goosebumps all over your body. This girl can sing!

ADDED 5.29.08: Click on the arrow to hear an MP3 recording of “I Will Always Love You”:

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