Faye Wong in Hong Kong for Chao Du!

21 May 2008 – Faye Wong (王菲) is in Hong Kong to participate in the Buddhist ceremony, Chao Du, for the Sichuan earthquake victims. She was mobbed by journalists at the airport and at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the site for the ceremony. The Daily Sun reports that she is planning to participate in the June 1 West Kowloon fund-raising activities that might include filming and recording. When reporters asked if she will be returning to her career, she responded with silence and a smile. During the service, she sat with Aloys Chen (陳坤, Chen Kun) and old friend Jacky Cheung (张学友). Tony Leung’s (梁朝伟) name was mentioned in connection with the upcoming fundraising activities.

Click on the image for a fuller view.

[Source: ent.163.com, 21 May 2008; ent.QQ.com, 22 May 2008; Emma Lam, Batgwa.com, 21 May 2008]

ADDED 21 May 2008 (Youtube video uploaded by Fungkarman, 21 May 2008):

ADDED 22 May 2008 (YouTube video uploaded by Phoenixtv001, 22 May 2008):


4 Responses

  1. Its Good to see so many people making such an effort for the victims of the earthquake so many celebrities and above all so many civillians, it makes me so proud to see just how united the chinese people are in times like these. Being a long time fan i havent kept up with the latest news on Faye for some time now, but hearing news of her potential return i decided to look it up, then i came across this site, i have 2 say wow! daily updates on faye! a fan couldnt ask for more! looks like ill be visiting daily from now on… keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah, I get goosebumps when I see the way stars like Faye and Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, Na Ying, Eason, Joey, Nic, etc. are leading the way in drawing attention to the plight of the earthquake victims. For Faye, especially, I know that coming out like this is a huge sacrifice. The last thing she wants to do at this point in her life is fan the flames of rumors that she’s on the verge of resuming her career, but her heart rules, and she’s doing all she can to help her people. It’s this genuine “big sister” caring that endears her all the more to the people of China and her fans around the world. She has all the qualities of Princess Diana but with many, many more dimensions. Thanks for the encouragement, Colin. I began this blog less than a month ago, on Apr 27, because I felt that, for English speakers, there’s a black hole on the web for the latest news about Faye, the most gifted female pop singer in China and, IMHO, the world. I think once the rest of the world “discovers” her, they’ll understand why she’s really become the icon for modern day China, a symbol for all that’s beautiful, good, creative, and magical in its hopes and dreams.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Testament!!!!

  4. Hi, Testament. Thanks for visiting and thanks, especially, for the comment. Also, my apologies for bouncing all over the place in responding to Colin’s comment. I guess what I was trying to say is that Faye is more than just an entertainer. In a very real sense, she is China’s Princess Di, an icon for all that’s beautiful, caring, and regal in modern China. Like the Princess, Faye is a magnet for the entire nation’s concerns as well as its hopes and dreams. By her actions and appearances, she draws the media’s attention and, in turn, the nation’s attention to problems such as the recent earthquake and its aftermath. Best, feifan

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