Faye Wong’s Ten Best ‘Minor’ Videos – #8

8. For my eighth minor video, I’ve selected one of Faye Wong’s (王菲) first MVs, “Everything,” the title track from her second album, released in June 1990 when she was 20. I’ve never seen this on an official video disc so I’m considering it a minor production. With a lot of bare skin, red filters, glistening “perspiration,” poles, torches, spraying water, sinuous poses, and even a sports car, you won’t need much imagination to get the point. This girl’s hot!

Obviously, her managers and advisors at the time (this was before Katie Chen and Ah Kwan) didn’t think her voice or her model’s body and striking good looks were enough to sell albums. So they decided, in all their corporate wisdom, to exploit her sultry beauty and turn her into a sexy torch who could also sing.

Fortunately for Faye and the world, this strategy was never used again. Knowing Faye as we do now, we know that this just isn’t her. On her return from New York in 1992, Katie Chen (陈家瑛, Chen Jiaying) became her manager, and, together, they forged a career that’s become legend. In the ensuing years, as Faye takes increasingly greater artistic control over her career, the quality of her performances improves dramatically, and videos such as this are buried and nearly forgotten. Perhaps this should have been left in the cobwebs, but I’ve decided to resurrect it to help explain why it was so important for Faye to leave Hong Kong and her career behind and go off to somewhere far away for a while to take stock of her life and the direction it ought to take. This is exactly what she did toward the end of 1991, when she left for New York to study music and to think. In the process, she also discovered religion, Buddhism, which is still a strong influence in her life today. She returned to her career in HK in March 1992, on the advice of her voice teacher, Dai Sicong (戴思聪), and, as they say, the rest is history.

See “10 Best Minor Videos” in the right sidebar for links to the other selections. The introduction to this series is in selection #1.

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  1. That Video was, at a minimum, shocking for me to see. That last bit where the water is pouring on Faye – Ha ha. I can only imagine what was going through her mind during the shoot. I’m sure that moment was one of the things she will never forget. Ah the exploitations of the industry.

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