Rare Songs – I Love Freckles

Ever since I read Josh Cheung’s description of Faye Wong’s (王菲) song, “I Love Freckles,” I’ve been dying to hear it. I finally found it. Click below to listen. it’s a cover from Alan Tam’s album, The Root of Love. Alan’s version is actually a cover of Gazebo’s 1983 song, “I Like Chopin.” The problem is that I just haven’t been able to track it down on the web. Josh describes the album as Universal’s Alan Tam 15th Anniversary Tribute Collection, released August 1999. Anyway, with that title and the bits and pieces of info that I had, I struck out for the last couple of years.

Tonight, though, in a random search on Imeem, I struck gold. John (Nong) Zhang, in Dec 2007, uploaded a song titled “I Like Chopin,” sung by Faye, which just happens to be the original title of “I Love Freckles.”

Variants of the album title are Alan Tam – Who Can Change and Alan Tam 15th Anniversary Memorial Collection – Unchangeable. But the August 1999 date is the same. Also, it seems Faye’s song, on track 2, is included in the Hong Kong release only. It’s been inexplicably omitted from releases in other regions.

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Rare Songs – I Love You

Faye Wong’s (王菲) “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni) is the theme song from director Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 movie by the same name. To listen to it, click below. This version, added to Imeem by Lord Maxxximillan in Feb 2008, has the best sound quality of the ones I’ve found online. Insecurity uploaded a video to YouTube almost exactly two years ago. However, it’s playtime is only 1:51, compared to Maxxximillan’s audio recording, which runs a little over twice as long. And there’s a marked difference in SQ. As far as I know, this song was never released on an official CD. It’s a haunting, hushed, beautiful song, the kind that only Faye can sing. When it comes to soundtracks and themes for films and TV series, I don’t think anyone can compete with Faye.

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Faye Wong and LYP Visit Earthquake Victims

On 1 June 2008, International Children’s Day (国际儿童节), Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) visit children, injured in the earthquake, in a Beijing Hospital. Tong Tong accompanied them but isn’t in the photos. The children were brought here for medical treatment provided by the SmileAngel foundation (嫣然天使基金, Yan Ran Angel Fund). In the photos, LYP is carrying gifts for the children they’re visiting, two 14-year-olds and a 5-year-old. (Source: Sohu.com)