Rare Songs – I Love You

Faye Wong’s (王菲) “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni) is the theme song from director Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 movie by the same name. To listen to it, click below. This version, added to Imeem by Lord Maxxximillan in Feb 2008, has the best sound quality of the ones I’ve found online. Insecurity uploaded a video to YouTube almost exactly two years ago. However, it’s playtime is only 1:51, compared to Maxxximillan’s audio recording, which runs a little over twice as long. And there’s a marked difference in SQ. As far as I know, this song was never released on an official CD. It’s a haunting, hushed, beautiful song, the kind that only Faye can sing. When it comes to soundtracks and themes for films and TV series, I don’t think anyone can compete with Faye.

Click the audio icon to listen.

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  1. As a huge fan of hers, I am trilled to hear this song. I thought I might have listened to this song few years ago on the internet. Anyway, I guess this is a song recorded in 2002. May I just say Faye has always been amazing. This song “I Love You” is very Zero 7 which is a british neo-soul/chill-out/electronia music dual. Back to the year 2001 or 2002, they released an album that was selected as album of the year by many respected music magazines. I guess Faye or 張亞東 was inspired by them most likely. Trust me on this!
    Anyway, I would say this song is a modern ballad. It has this beautiful dreamy atmosphere, programed beat, electric piano….It’s just a lovely jazzy chill out electronia piece of music. It’s a chinese song for god’s sake. No one can do this expect Faye Wong.

    P.S. Should check out 1st album of Zero 7 or 1st album of Air, then you guys will see how Faye was inspired by this UK and French music group!!!

  2. Chun, I like your description: “a modern ballad. . . . beautiful dreamy atmosphere, programed beat, electric piano….It’s just a lovely jazzy chill out electronica piece of music.” And I agree 100% — “It’s a chinese song for god’s sake. No one can do this except Faye Wong.” This is another Iron Triangle masterpiece where Zhang Ya-Dong (張亞東), Lin Xi (林夕), and Faye have come together to create magic. I agree re Zero 7’s influence, especially from “In the Waiting Line.” But Faye always puts her own brand on songs strongly influenced by others. Faye can do it all, but she’s especially right for neo-jazzy, bluesy songs with an R&B, trippy, alternative touch. If her own compositions are any indication, she’s musically far beyond the romantic Chinese ballads that she’s famous for. When she returns, I have a feeling she’s going to be pushing the envelope where mandopop is concerned, but she’ll also include a few ballads for her more traditional fans. Thanks for the informed and well-written comment.

  3. Hey! I do remember listening to this once upon a time, but no idea where! Didn’t she also do the song for the movie “Hero”? This song is way cool, definitely has Faye’s name all over it, no one could do it the same. Maybe someone needs to produce a CD compilation of all the songs by Faye that was never released! Anyone??

  4. Deb, I’ve been dreaming about a compilation CD set like that, of all the Faye songs that were never officially released in a Faye album or EP. If it’s done right, with the best possible raw sources and sound engineering equipment and expertise, it would be an instant sell-out hit. This OST from “I Love You” would be one of the highlights. I can listen to this over and over again, the driving bass beat, Faye’s signature hushed voice . . . I wish someone would do it.

  5. I’m so excited that i got chance to listen this unreleased track & i think this song is AWESOME !!!

    I really hope that Faye could make a fanstatics comeback album in 2009 !!!

  6. Boon Wah, according to Katie, Faye’s already laying the groundwork to return to the recording studio to begin working on a new album, and from Katie’s comments, we can expect the album to feature many new and original works by Faye. Faye’s one of those phenomenal artists who’s seldom looked back. With every new album, she’s pushed the envelope, exploring and experimenting. We’ve all been fortunate to come along for the ride. And what a ride it’s been! But Katie asks that we be patient and not pressure Faye for an exact date of release. Faye needs her own space to create the kinds of music she wants, and if we’re willing to give her that space, the results will be fantastic!

  7. THIS is phenomenal! i love her trippin /indie/soft rock/electronic style that was more prevalent once upon a time during the restless, fable and sky times. I am 25 now and have been following her music, style and movies for over 15 years! thank you whoever you are for setting this website up! You dont know how important this is for the english reading fans! You rock and i LOVE you!!! So psyched and elated!!
    eternally grateful.~~

    *p/s: a compilation of unreleased songs will provide nourishment to my soul for a thousand and one years*

  8. Just thinking about this song, the style of it really reminds me of an Aussie band called The Whitlams, whose lead singer has a very unusual male voice. They also sing ballad type songs that are very cool with that hint of longing soulfulness… If only I could get him to cover this song and all the Aussies discovered Faye!

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