Rare Early Videos – Like Wind

With this post, I’m beginning a series on videos from early in Faye Wong’s (王菲) career that are new to me — “new” in the sense that I haven’t seen them until now or recently. This one’s of Faye singing “Like Wind” (如風), live in broad daylight, in a huge outdoor arena. This song is from her Sep 1993 album, Hundred Thousand Whys, which included other major hits such as “Cold War,” “Summer of Love,” “Flow Not Fly,” “Do We Really Care,” and “Tempt Me,” which is actually the first song that Faye released, in an official album, that she wrote and composed. It was for the TVB series that she starred in, Eternity. (She had written the lyrics to “No Regrets,” the title track from the album she released eight months earlier.) This album was sandwiched between Coming Home (Aug 1992) and No Regrets (Feb 1993), on the one hand, and Mystery (Apr 1994) and the film Chungking Express (1994), on the other. Judging from the way the audience is getting up to applaud her entry on stage, it’s clear that, at this point in her career, Faye is definitely on the rise. This is Faye as the girl next door, dressed casually, relaxed, unassuming. The quality of this video is excellent, although, as the uploader warns, the sound is slightly out of sync. I should say that this distortion is slight and hardly noticeable.

(Added to YouTube by DiDar08 on 26 Apr 2008)