Fantástico Faye Wong Blog — Diario de Viagem

Diario de Viagem is Leelee2046’s blog. (Click on the banner image below to go to the site.) She’s in Brazil and very active in the international fayenatics community. The blog is devoted to various topics of interest to her, but the dominant subject seems to be Faye Wong (王菲)! The blog is professionally designed with beautiful graphics and arrangements of elements that are esthetically pleasing to the eye. (BTW, she also creates her own MVs, featuring stars like Faye, and posts them on YouTube.)

I really like some of her Faye features, especially “Faye Wong ranking: 10 best happy songs,” “Faye Wong ranking: 10 best ballads (parts 1 and 2),” and “Faye Wong 10 best live performances.” All of these are linked to videos, and I really like all her choices! I’m going to steal her ideas and create similar lists on Faye Wong Today.

In Leelee2046’s happy songs list, my favorites are “Bored” and “Separate Ways.” If you’re feeling down or moody, these will cheer you up. I definitely feel that this video of Faye singing and dancing to “Bored” in her 24 Dec 2003 Hong Kong Coliseum (“No Faye, No Live!”) concert is hot! Whew!

In the best ballads list, I like “Reservedness” and “Passenger,” two of my all-time favorites.

The coolest of the three is the best live performances list. And my favorite is “Beautiful Mistake.”

Also, be sure to check out her photos, especially the one of Faye in the see-through dress!

This is an awesome blog that should be a link in every fayenatic’s list of favorite URLs.


2 Responses

  1. Hi feifan,

    Thanks for the generous compliments about my blog and my videos.

    Diario de Viagem as the title says (in eglish, Journey’s Diary), was originally about my “adventures” in Brazil (I’m portuguese and living in São Paulo for 7 months now). Howerever, it also became a blog about my interests (movies, books, music) and ,since Faye’s music is one of my biggest interests, about Faye.

    About the videos I creat in Windows Movie Maker, I’m facing the problem that I don’t have many videos to work with, since WMM only acepts a few file formats. So, if you have any Faye’s videos you can upload for me to create more (WMM doens’t open FLV, MP4 or RM files), I would appreciatte it very much.

    Thank you!

  2. You’re welcome. Your site is very nicely laid out with images aligned and in consistent sizes. Also, the posts are very well organized. Not easy to do with a blog. You have to plan ahead.

    Re WMM, I just found out that I have a copy of it on my computer. I’ve never used it so I didn’t know it took only some formats. Nearly all my videos are FLVs so I guess I’m out of luck. I’ll futz with it to see what it does.

    I guess converting from poor quality FLVs to better formats doesn’t make sense? I’ve tried converting FLVs to to AVI(?) to join them, but the results have always been very poor so I just gave that up.

    I really wish YouTube and other video hosts would provide the means to upload and download really good quality videos. The quality of FLVs sucks.

    I’ll keep an eye out for videos in the correct format. There are a lot of great Faye songs with no videos!

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