Leelee2046 Homage to Faye and Tong Tong

In this 12 June 2008 YouTube upload, Leelee2046 shares a video that she created with clips from Faye Wong’s Hong Kong Scenic Tour 98-99 concert and “Passenger,” my favorite track from Faye’s To Love (Nov 2003) album. These two elements from different performances blend together beautifully to make a single statement.

The title of Leelee2046’s work is “Faye Wong & Tong Tong homage – Scenic Tour,” and in her comment, she says, “This was the first video I’ve ever made!” She captures some of the most beautiful scenes from the concert, especially the ones of Faye in the silver dress. This video combines a lot of my favorites — a favorite concert, a favorite performance, and a favorite song. I’ll bet a lot of you probably feel the same way. This video hangs together aesthetically and thematically. It also closes with the end of the concert, with Faye bowing to the audience. This is, indeed, a loving tribute to Faye and to Tong Tong, to whom the 98-99 concert seems to have been dedicated.

Faye’s ‘Face is very small!’

On June 10, a fan spotted Faye Wong (王菲), Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), and Tong Tong (童童) emerging from the Beijing Changping (北京昌平) valley after a nature hike. Faye was carrying a thick book, Compendium of Materia Medica (本草纲目). The fan said, “A few of us were resting on the roadside, on a stone platform, when we spotted Tong Tong, then Faye Wong and Li Yapeng!” She added, “Faye Wong is really very pretty. Ah, the face is very small ah!”

(source: QianLong.com, 12 June 2008)