Is Faye Pregnant?

Based on the first photo, the media is again on its speculation bandwagon, fueling the gossip machine with rumor that Faye Wong may be pregnant. The photos were taken on 7 June 2008. However, a quick review of recent photos would tell anyone that the picture’s a fluke caused by angle, lighting, the cut of the dress, and perhaps a wayward breeze. For example, take a look at the photo in the earlier post (June 12) where she’s emerging from a hike, carrying a large book. Preggo? Hardly.

(source: NetEase 13 June 2008)

Faye Wong – Composer and Writer

As fans, we tend to forget that Faye Wong is much, much more than a singer, actress, and model. She’s also an extremely talented composer and lyricist. The list of her original works is astounding. They include many of her major hits. And they definitely make up the bulk of her most creative and progressive songs. This is a critical factor in Faye’s appeal — she’s not only phenomenally beautiful, talented, and loved by fans, friends, and colleagues, but she’s also extremely creative. To listen to these songs, see “Faye’s Compositions” in the right sidebar.

She wrote the music and lyrics for the following songs:

1. Restless (Restless [Fu Zao], June 1996)

2. To Love (To Love, Nov 2003)

3. Spectacular (Lovers and Strangers, Sep 1999)

4. Doomsday (Restless [Fu Zao], June 1996)

5. Pledge (Random Thoughts, June 1994)

6. Tong (Chang You, Oct 1998)

7. Sporadic (Restless [Fu Zao], June 1996)

8. Sunflower (To Love, Nov 2003)

9. Leave Nothing (aka “No Staying” from To Love, Nov 2003)

10. Decadence (Restless [Fu Zao], June 1996)

11. Ingratiate Oneself (Ingratiate Oneself, Dec 1994)

12. Exit (Ingratiate Oneself, Dec 1994)

13. Tempted Heart (Hundred Thousand Whys, Sep 1993)

14. Imagine (Restless, June 1996)

15. Where (Restless, June 1996)

16. Wild Three Hills (Restless, June 1996)


She composed the music for these songs:

1. New Tenant (Fable, Oct 2000)

2. Chanel (Fable, Oct 2000)

3. Emotional Life (Chang You, Oct 1998)

4. Face (Chang You, Oct 1998)

5. The Cambrian Era (Fable, Oct 2000)

6. Di-Dar (Di-Dar, Dec 1995)

7. Asura (Fable, Oct 2000)

8. Flowers of Paradise (Fable, Oct 2000)

9. April Snow (To Love, Nov 2003)

10. A Little Clever (Chang You, Oct 1998)

11. Vacation (Di-Dar, Dec 1995)

She wrote the lyrics for:

No Regrets (No Regrets, Feb 1993)