Faye on Her Way Back to Beijing

Faye Wong (王菲) caused quite a stir this past week when she showed up at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport to check in for her return flight to Beijing. Media and fans who were lucky enough to be there immediately got their cameras out and started shooting. The reporters mentioned her stylish silk dress, Mercedes-Benz, brandname luggage and bags, shades, etc.

I’m Willing – A Different Version

Wow! This is a major Faye Wong (王菲) discovery for me. A version of “I’m Willing (unplugged)” (我愿意) that I’ve never heard. It was “buried” in a YouTube upload by Sallylokmb (4 June 2008) called “I’m Willing Longer Version” (我願意加長版). It’s longer (04:45) because it’s actually two different versions, separated by a brief drumroll: the original, from Mystery (rel Apr 1994), in the first half (02:25), and the “new” in the second (02:22). In the video and the audio of the long version (below), the new begins at about 02:26.

There are quite a few pops in the audio, especially the first half. Fortunately, there are only a few in the second, which contains the new version. In the audio (below) of the second half, I edited out the two prominent pops. ADDED: The Tudou audio versions below are a lot better!

Different version only: “I’m Willing (unplugged)” 02:22, edited 6.15.08 – pops removed

Full version: “I’m Willing – Long Version (unplugged)” 04:48, raw 6.15.08; the different version begins at 02:26

(added to YouTube by sallylokmb on 4 June 2008)

Added 6.15.08:

Tudou different version only: “I’m Willing (unplugged)”

Tudou full version: “I’m Willing – Long Version (unplugged)”

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