Rare Early Videos – Fragile Woman

In this video, Faye Wong (王菲) as Wang Jingwen (王靖雯) sings “Fragile Woman” (容易受傷的女人), the runaway hit in her 1992 breakthrough album, Coming Home. This video is interesting because it’s a crossover between her earlier 1990 MV, “Everything,” and her “new” look. The carryover portion has her posing on a car in shorts, emphasizing her long legs, getting soaked by a rain shower, and tossing her head back to reveal her extraordinarily long slender neck. But the flaming torches and glistening skin have given way to a more sophisticated, pensive, and perhaps darker look that we’ve come to associate with Faye.

“Fragile Woman” is a cover of Miyuki Nakajima’s (中島みゆき) “Rouge” (ルージュ), which was released in 1977. On 18 Sep 2007, iLuvCiconne16085868 added a video to YouTube containing both Faye’s and Miyuki’s versions.

(From a video uploaded to YouTube by skwongh on 7 Feb 2008)

Miyuki Nakajima’s version.

Trish Thùy Trang’s English version, “Please Don’t Go Away,” ripped from a YouTube video uploaded by bindrub on 19 March 2009.

Faye’s version from Coming Home (Aug 1992).

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One Response

  1. Ahahahaha, I’ve never seen this old vid before. That “rain” is ridiculous! she looked like she was being drenched with a fire hose! too funny! You can almost see Faye’s expression when she’s flicking her hair, she looks like she’s thinking “what the hell am I doing??” Good ol’ 80/90’s crossover times… Taylor Dane woulda been proud!

    Also my first time listening to the original version. Cool gutsy voice she has! might look up these lyrics too!

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