Faye’s 1985-86 Albums – (2) Where Comes the Wind

Faye Wong’s (王菲) Where Comes the Wind (風從哪裡來) was released as a cassette by Yunan Audio and Video on 15 June 1985 when Faye was 15. In 2003, Focus Music Ltd., China, released a CD version. There were at least two different cassettes with slightly different track lists. The list below is from one of them, and it has 15 songs. However, the one in the photo lists only 14. The selections in each vary as well, with tracks from one missing from the other. The tracks on the cassettes and the CD also don’t match up. However, songs missing from the Where Comes CD can be found on the earlier CD, Enchanting Kaler, which was released on 1 March 2003. The CD also contains a couple of tracks that aren’t on the cassettes.

01. 風從哪裡來 Where Comes the Wind
02. 四個心願 Four Desires
03. 甜蜜蜜 Sweet Is Dense (aka Sweet Honey)
04. 小小的秘密 Small Small Privacy (aka Little Secret)
05. 年紀輕輕 A Young Age
06. 唱歌的人 Sings Person (aka Singer)
07. 最高峰 High Point (aka Peak)
08. 望著天空的女孩 The Girl Is Looking the Sky

01. 你怎麼說 How Did You Say (aka How Do You Say)
02. 說說笑笑 Has a Friendly Chat
03. 月光小夜曲 Moonlight Serenade
04. 你照亮我的心 You Illuminate My Heart (aka (You Light Up My Heart)
05. 漫步人生路 Roams the Person Way Out
06. 故鄉從不拒絕我 The Hometown Has Never Refused Me
07. 又見炊煙 Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again (aka See Also Smoke)

My favorite songs in this album are “Where Comes the Wind” and “Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again.” The first was covered in an earlier post on Faye and Teresa Teng, and the second will be the subject of a coming post so I won’t comment on them. Click on the audio icons below to listen to them. (Note: For the introduction to this series on Faye’s 1985-86 albums, click here.)

“Where Comes the Wind”

“Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again”


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