Faye’s 1985-86 Albums – (3) Miss Charm

Faye Wong Collector’s Album (王菲珍藏集) was originally released as a cassette in April 1986. The CD was released on 19 Oct 2004. A variant of the title is Charming Miss Faye Wong Collector’s Album (迷人小姐 王菲珍藏集) or just Miss Charm (迷人小姐). Wei-yuan (卫元) produced this album, which is purported to be the last Faye released on the mainland. Again, the CD and the cassette don’t match up track by track. Three songs on the cassette aren’t on the CD, but the CD has 15 tracks versus 14 on the cassette. For the introduction to this series, click here.

01. 心墙 Core
02. 潇洒的走 – 潇洒 The Walk
03. 月光下的恋情 Affair Under the Moonlight
04. 十三妹 Shisan Mei (13 Younger Sisters)
05. 最后的表白 Final Statement
06. 除了你 In Addition to You
07. 下次相逢 Reunions Next [aka Will Meet by Chance Next Time]
08. 请你别说 Please Let Alone
09. 多梦的童年 Childhood Dream of Many
10. 你在我身旁 You Next to Me
11. 请你猜一猜 You Guess
12. 我们俩 The Two of Us
13. 想让你知道 Want You to Know
14. 女孩 Girls

My favorite tracks in this album are “Affair Under the Moonlight” and “In Addition to You.” In these two, you can hear a Faye that’s really beginning to mature and grow in confidence. “You Guess” is a fun song that captures Faye’s youthfulness. The engineering in this CD is better, resulting in a much improved sound quality throughout.

“Affair Under the Moonlight”

“In Addition to You”

“You Guess”


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