More Rumors – LYP Supports Faye’s Return

China’s media continues to churn out rumors of Faye Wong’s (王菲) return to her career. In the absence of direct statements from Faye or her team, journalists are limited to speculations based on vague sources. One that’s been making the rounds lately begins with “some reports say that.” The reports are based on circumstantial evidence, on calculations from the creative minds of reporters: The so-called logic goes like this: Faye’s high monthly expenditures + other expenses + a slowdown in Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) career = a financial crisis that will force Faye to resurface.

They’re fanning these embers with alleged quotes from LYP. One that’s familiar to most of us is the statement that Faye has never officially retired or claimed to have retired from the song world. Another LYP statement that’s somewhat new is: If she resurfaces, he’ll certainly raise both hands in approval so that he could also hear the song world’s most beautiful sound. (source:, 24 June 2008)