Faye’s Hot in This Decadent Video

Here’s an amazing video that was added to YouTube today (26 June 2008) by Lovesevtomo. Faye’s hot in this one, singing “Decadence” from Restless (June 1996). The images are captivating, and the integration with the mood of the song is tight. My eyes were glued to every frame of this rainbow spectacular.

Some of the clips look familiar. I’ve seen them somewhere but can’t quite place them. I can’t tell if this was an official MV or if it’s a creation by a very artistic fan. Whatever — it’s fabulous.

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m Evaangellus. I’m trying to start something called the 5 million Club. I’m looking for, best and most popular videos on Youtube. You wouldn’t by chance have any recommendations? So far I have almost 200 videos added to the 5 Million Club Playlist and I’m looking for more.

  2. Hi, Evaangellus. Looks as though you’ve got the tiger by the tail with this project! Sounds like a huge task but hugely fun! Assuming that you’re not looking for 5 million videos, do you have a target number in mind? I’ve compiled lists of great Faye Wong videos, but they were based on specific criteria. In the coming week, I’ll try to post in this blog some of the “best and most popular videos on Youtube” featuring Faye. I hope other fayenatics will suggest some to include, and URLs would be helpful. This is a terrific project that you’re working on, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your results. Please keep us posted.

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