Fayve Concert Photos – 003: Hong Kong 2003A

These are two of the best photos I’ve seen from Faye Wong’s (王菲) 2003 Hong Kong concert, which kicked off her “No Faye, No Live!” tour. They were taken by Tykan, I believe, and the resolution is phenomenal. I’ll be posting others from this source for this series on Fayve Concert Photos. This is my favorite concert because it’s one of the few that’s readily available on good quality DVD and because of the song selection. The 1998-99 concert was probably better for different reasons, which I won’t get into here, but the video quality, especially the sound, is poor, i.e., unless you can get your hands on the DVD, which is close to impossible since they’re out of print and seldom available online.

This concert picks up where the 1998-99 concert leaves off. The earlier concert opens with Faye’s composition, “Emotional Life,” the first track in Chang You, and includes all the major hits since her 1994 concert. This is quite a collection because we’re talking super albums here — The Decadent Sound of Faye (1995), Di-Dar (1995), Restless (1996), Toy (1997), Faye Wong 1997, and Chang You (1998), which was released only a couple months before the concert.

But the 2003 concert includes hits from many of Faye’s pre-1998 albums as well  as from all her post-1998 albums, including Lovers and Strangers (1999), Fable (2000), Faye Wong 2001, and To Love (2003), which was released a month before the HK concert. In the video, when Faye rises from the stage floor in this costume amid pulsating spotlights in the darkened Coliseum, singing “Jiang Ai,” a song she wrote and composed and also the title track from her 2003 album, the impact is electrifying. Stunning. Unforgettable.

Fayve Concert Photos – 002: Taipei 2004

Faye Wong’s (王菲) 27 Nov. 2004 “No Faye, No Live!” concert in Taipei has to be one of the best in terms of costumes. In this set, we have what I think is one of the hottest outfits she’s ever worn. In the second of the two photos, she’s stripped off the jacket and created one of the all-time best concert shots.

Some of the other outfits she wore in this concert are also dazzling, and I hope to find some photos that will do them justice. In this series, the aim is to not only showcase my favorite concert photos but to present them in quality images wih the best possible resolution and focus.

Intimate Peek into Faye and LYP’s Home

Here’s a fascinating peek into Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) home. Click here for the video, which was made on 28 July 2008. The interviewer is Charles Zhang (张朝阳), Sohu CEO. The video opens with a Sohu.com crew driving into what appears to be a secure and exclusive neighborhood. The surrounding area is green with open fields, trees, and each residence seems to have a huge yard.

When the crew arrives, LYP and some men are in the process of moving a sofa into the house. The crew pulls up, and the leader directs one of the cameramen to help the movers. The camera follows the four men as they move into what appears to be a study. The crew follows, and once the move is complete, LYP leads them into the living room where the interview is to take place.

When the camera first enters, you can’t help but sense that it’s searching for any signs of Faye. In one shot, it lingers on a stairway that appears to lead to the upper story bedrooms. But there’s no sign of Faye.

In the bottom set of photos, in the lower right corner, is a photo of the abode that Faye shared with Dou Wei (竇唯) when they were first starting their romance in the mid-90s.

In the interview, LYP admits that, in terms of fame, Faye’s status is much higher than his and that, in comparison, he’s not famous at all. But he says that this difference is not a problem in their marriage.

(Update 7/28: The source for the additional information about the interview and interviewer is China Business News.)

Video of Faye on July 24

Video of Faye Wong (王菲) and family at Beijing International Airport on the 24th. Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) in the background. Most of the video is devoted to LYP’s altercation and the aftermath, but this portion at the 01:59-02:08 mark, about 9 seconds worth, is focused on Faye. For a related article, click here.

Fayve Concert Photos – 001: Beijing 2004

Here’s a photo of Faye Wong (王菲) that I haven’t seen before. It looks as though it was taken at one of the concerts in her “No Faye, No Live!” tour in 2004. [Added 7/28: According to Leelee2046 (see comment) , this photo may be from Faye’s Beijing concert, held on 28 August 2004, the fifth stop on her tour, following performances in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Chengdu.] With this photo, I’m beginning a series on “Fayve Concert Photos.”  I’ll be numbering them for reference purposes. The numbers don’t imply any sort of ranking. If you have links to other great concert photos that you’d like to share, please post a comment. I’m also interested in any info that you might have about the concert in which this picture was taken. Please post a comment if you can help. Thanks in advance.

(source: CRI Online)

Added 7/28: According to Leelee2046 (see comment) , this photo may be from Faye’s Beijing concert, held on 28 August 2004, the fifth stop on her tour, following performances in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Chengdu.

Reporters in the July 23 Incident

In this photo, we see the two reporters involved in the July 23 incident being interrogated by the police at Bangkok International Airport. At one point during this session with the police, Li Yapeng and the reporters were allowed to discuss the matter. Now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on the implications, I think we can all agree that the issue goes far beyond this incident and involves major questions such as freedom of the press, privacy vs. the people’s right to know, and the burden of public figures in

(photo source: cq.people.com, 26 July 2008)

the media spotlight. The issue also involves questions about the rights as well as responsibilities of media re the welfare of children, the most vulnerable people in our society. These issues came to a head in this incident, and although this specific conflict has been settled, the bigger questions are far from resolved.

Faye Signs Autographs for Fans in Beijing

Faye Wong (王菲) and family at Beijing International Airport on the 24th. Faye is taking the time to sign autographs for fans, who seem very polite. Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) seems subdued in the background.

Faye looks great dressed casually. It must be getting very warm, with August fast approaching. Speaking of August — the Olympics opening ceremony is scheduled for August 8, which is also Faye’s birthday. Without Faye in the opening ceremonies, however, it’s hard to get excited about the Olympics.

(source: Ent.QQ & Chinadaily, 25 July 2008)

Added 7/25 (source: Sohu & Dahe.cn, 25 July 2008)

Added 7/25 (source: Sohu, 25 July 2008)

Added 7/25 (source: iFensi, 24 July 2008)

Added 7/26 (source: Xici.net, 25 July 2008)

Added 7/26 (source: Ent.icxo, 25 July 2008)

Added 7/26 (source: Xici.net, 25 July 2008)