10 Best Videos II – #2 Red Carpet Walk 1999

This video is from10 Dec 1999, featuring Faye Wong (王菲) at the 36th Golden Horse Awards (金马奖), held annually in Taiwan. Faye and her manager, Katie Chen (Chen Jiaying, 陈家瑛), are on the red carpet. Later that same evening, she shares the stage with Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武 Jincheng Wu) to present an award. (Click here for the article and an introduction to this “10 Best Videos II” series. For another related article, click here.)

People who don’t know much about her often ask, “What is it about Faye Wong that draws so much attention?” If you’re like me, your mouth opens but nothing comes out. Where to begin? There’s so much that I’m overwhelmed. Words escape me. In Faye’s case, there just aren’t enough words, pictures, videos, and films to even begin to explain the “what,” let alone the “why.”

In this video, we get a sense of not only her physical beauty, but her stature, composure, confidence, style, character, charm, and personality. She’s not only tall and built like a runway model, but she moves with the grace of a beauty queen, a real-life princess, and an athlete all rolled up in one. Faye is radiant and stunningly beautiful. Regal. But the problem is that this is just a small part of what makes her so very special. There’s also her musical gifts and talents, her fashion sense, her films, her charity work. Ah! Where to begin?


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