10 Best Videos II – #3 Song of the Year 1992

This is Faye Wong’s (王菲) breakthrough hit, “Fragile Woman” (容易受傷的女人), being performed at a 1992 music awards show. She is still known as Wang Jingwen (王靖雯; also spelled “Wong Jing Man”) when she accepts the award and performs the song of the year from her first major best-selling album, Coming Home. Surrounded by the biggest and brightest stars of the day, she emerges on top, blowing away all the competition and beginning a reign that has never really ended. From the moment she accepts the award from superstars Jacky Cheung (張學友) and Andy Lau (刘德华), there’s no looking back. For most stars, this would be the crowning moment of a career, but for Faye, this is just the beginning. Every year hence, the quality of her output increases exponentially until, very quickly, there’s really no competition in sight. She’s alone on the pinnacle, and as Maggie Q says, second place isn’t even close.

I don’t think this sort of long-term dominance has ever happened anywhere, ever, in China or the rest of the world. And I don’t think it’ll happen again soon. It’s a dominance built on sheer quality. Absolutely no fluff, hype, or BS. Just real, solid, genuine talent, creativity, brilliance, beauty, inspiration, spirituality, and goodness. This is Faye Wong, and this is why fayenatics the world over never tire of her songs, live performances, films, MVs, videos, photos, and news stories. This is why we wait, patiently, for her to resume her career.

Leon Lai (黎明 Lai Ming) and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) are also in the audience. At the moment her name is announced, we can see the joy and sense of relief that comes from knowing that, finally, all the years of hard work are finally beginning to pay off. She’s only 22 or 23 at this time, but we have to remember that her career began when she was 15. On stage, singing, we can see that she’s extremely emotional, breathless, and very, very happy. This is her breakthrough moment, and it’s captured on video for all time.

Added 6.10.09: A second video from the same period, from Tudou.
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Added 12.7.11: A vastly better video of the 1992 award show:
YouTube version:

WordPress version:


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