Faye’s 1998 Music Special – Part 1

This video has to be one of the most exciting because it gives us a mind-boggling array of looks at Faye Wong (王菲). It was uploaded to YouTube by FallinApple almost exactly a year ago in five segments. Each is approximately 9 minutes long. This is the first, and the stills below are from this segment. In the coming days, I’ll post the remaining four with captured stills.

In this first segment, we see Faye in many different settings and activities: performing on stage, playing video and other games in an arcade, in private moments, in interviews. And what has to be the most amazing realization is that she looks great in all of them. She has to be the most photogenic woman on the planet. You really can’t get a bad shot of her. Every frame, every still is a go.

The fact that she’s camera candy is just one of the many factors that makes her the most photographed celebrity in China. Every click of the shutter results in a memorable photo, a keeper, a study in beauty. And this five-part series is chock full of great looks at the most beautiful woman in China.

See part 2 and parts 3-5.


3 Responses

  1. i agreed with author. thanksqz

  2. Tkx, Masahira. Faye is a photographer’s dream, isn’t she? From every angle, in every pose, still or in motion, she’s extraordinarliy photogenic. Beautiful! Tkx for the comment.

  3. What a treat faifan! Let’s hope we get to see a concert soon. Thanks again.

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