Photo of LYP’s Attack

Bangkok International Airport. Here’s a photo of Li Yapeng’s (李亚鹏) attack on a paparazzi today, 23 July 2008. Apparently, Faye Wong (王菲) and the others were at a different location in the airport and didn’t witness the incident. Ma Jia (马葭), LYP’s manager, said she didn’t see what happened but believes that if LYP did react so strongly, he must have felt that his family was being violated beyond what would be considered tolerable. Ma Jia said that for LYP, family is the bottom line, the most important, and he would do what’s necessary to protect them. From the video posted earlier, it’s clear to me that LYP is trying to protect Li Yan (李嫣) from media exposure. Reports indicate that the photographer filed or is planning to file a complaint with the authorities re the attack. In the following hours, we should get a better idea of what’s happening and what might happen.

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

Added 23 July 2008:

(source Netease 23 July 2008)

Added 7.23.08:


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