Conflict Resolved – Faye & Family Back in Beijing

Based on various reports, the conflict between Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) and the Hong Kong reporters involved in the incident at Bangkok International Airport on the 23rd has been resolved. Faye Wong (王菲), Li Yapeng, and the rest of the family returned to Beijing in the afternoon of the 24th. In Bangkok, as the videos show, LYP was interviewed by airport security. The reporters, too, were interviewed. One report claims that the journalists apologized. Another that both sides apologized. And still another that no one apologized but both sides acknowledged wrongdoing. In one report, LYP says that he didn’t apologize, but that “If he encounters a similar problem in the future, he would choose a more suitable way to resolve it.” In any event, the criminal case appears to be closed.

(Both videos added to YouTube by Fayeconnie on 24 July 2008.)


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