Faye Wong the Icon for China’s 20-somethings

Looks as though the rest of the world is going to learn who Faye Wong (王菲) is. With the international media gradually turning its eye on Beijing for the summer Olympics that will open this coming Friday, August 8, Faye will probably be a subject of countless articles even if she remains hidden from public view. She is so much in the consciousness of the Chinese people that the foreign press won’t be able to ignore her.

Here’s an eye-catching example from today’s (Aug 3) Sunday Times: “Today’s twentysomethings, inspired by their peers in America . . . , get to invent themselves from scratch, and the result is a sense of self even more advanced than that of their fortysomething sisters. While the icon of the generation above is the beautiful, restrained actress Maggie Cheung, theirs is the singer and actress Faye Wong, a contrary, pixie-like character who has become one of the most successful Chinese entertainers of all time” (Jessica Brinton, “Going Olympic: On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, we profile young Chinese women who are out to rule the world“).


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