y.A.S.d.’s Tribute to Faye Wong

Here’s a visually stunning video tribute to Faye Wong (王菲), created by one of the most devoted and knowledgeable fayenatics, y.A.S.d., from the Netherlands. Posted to YouTube on 29 July 2008. He combines video clips and photos from many different Faye sources, and the parts overlaying clouds are especially fascinating. The music is Faye’s “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni), the theme song from director Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 movie by the same name. (Click here for a related article.) Like time and memories, the various images flow in and out of the scene as the song progresses. A hypnotizing creation. Good job, y.A.S.d.


2 Responses

  1. thanks for putting this up

  2. You’re welcome, y.A.S.d. Actually, all fayenatics should be thanking you for this artistic tribute to Faye — just in time for her birthday! Hopefully, we’ll see many more videos wishing Faye a happy birthday.

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