Dutch Fayenatics Celebrate Faye’s B’day!

Here’s a video uploaded to YouTube by “Fayenatic” today. Dutch fayenatics have a wild birthday celebration for Faye Wong (王菲) on her birthday! And they captured the moment when all 8s were lined up — 8:08:08pm on 8.8.08. Awesome!


7 Responses

  1. lol thanks for uploading again
    i am that chinese ‘host’ guy

  2. haha very funny and thanks for uploading, I am the one not chinese person in the vid :)

    we had a great time, all thanks to Faye (L)

  3. Did anyone else keep hoping that Faye would miraculously appear in the Olympics opening ceremony?? I was literally holding my breath watching it on TV in desperation for Faye’s voice to appear from nowhere and stun the world with her talent… but wasn’t to be. She woulda been better than Sarah Brightman! (no offense to any her fans out there, but I had no idea what she was singing, english? chinese? lyrics?).

  4. Yeah, I felt the same way but purposely stayed away because I didn’t want to be disappointed. It’s just so weird that the most beautiful woman with the most beautiful voice in China didn’t headline that show. Everyone, including the Beijing Olympic organizers, wanted her to do it, but she refused. She has her reasons, though, and as fayenatics we have to support her decision. The morning after the opening ceremonies, I logged in to my web news sources expecting to learn that Faye really did appear and gave a stunning performance that had the world gasping, “So that’s Faye Wong! Now we see why she’s considered the greatest singer in China. And we had no idea she’s so beautiful!” But it wasn’t to be. All the reports seemed to say “terrific pageantry” in the opening ceremonies and moved on to news about the events and competitors.

    Well, maybe it’s just as well. There’s been talk of Zhang Ya Dong publishing a new album sometime next year with “several” never-released songs by Faye so we may still be in for a treat. It seems to be Faye’s practice that if she hasn’t released a large body of new material, she won’t do a tour. So, maybe, beginning with ZYD’s new album, she’ll gradually get back into the studio and, over a year or two, begin to build a new album or two, releasing them in 2009 and 2010. Then, toward the end of the 2010, maybe we’ll see her do a concert tour. Yeah, I know it’s wishful thinking, but there’s a possibility.

  5. Hi feifan,

    Since I uploaded my own vid somewhere else, could you please include a link to my blogspot?

    Thanks, the chinese ‘host’ guy.

  6. Hi y.A.S.d. Sure, no problem. What’s the URL for your blog?

  7. this is my blog http://mr-melancholic.blogspot.com/
    i ll put urs there aswell, into the friendslist (if i can)

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