Faye Wong’s July 31 Birthday Celebration

Carina Lau (刘嘉玲 Liu Jia Ling) flew to Beijing on Thursday, July 30, to celebrate Faye Wong’s (王菲) birthday with Faye and other close friends, including Na Ying (那英) and Hu Jun (胡军). On the 31st, they gathered at a restaurant close to the Museum of Fine Arts. Eastday/Sina report that the location is “in the depths of an alley, very remote.” They sat at two tables, and feasted on old Beijing-based dishes such as gong tingcai, duck, fish, and rice. After their meal, at around 21:00, the party moved to a different locaton, a karaoke bar, a four-story establishment with luxurious private dining rooms. Although they weren’t allowed into the 4th story room where the party was being held, reporters claim to have heard Faye’s distinct voice, singing a duet with Na Ying.


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