What Makes Faye So Beautiful? Clavicles!

What is it about Faye Wong (王菲) that makes her so infinitely watchable? An intriguing question, and PCHome.net (13 Aug 2008) ran an interesting article that makes a case for certain parts of her body. In the montage below, made up of some of the photos included in the article, the focus is on Faye’s collar bone. Frankly, I never thought of the clavicle as one of her — or anyone’s, for that matter — most alluring features, i.e., until I read the article. Now, I’m convinced. She has amazingly curvaceous collar bones. They have to be the most perfectly shaped and proportioned clavicles on the planet.

The article also focuses on her back and her midriff. The whole point of the piece is that Faye’s a master at exposing just a little bit of her body in such a way that it’s more alluring and sexy than someone who reveals a whole lot of herself. I wholeheartedly agree. But it works for Faye only because her parts are so naturally and extraordinarily beautiful. Anyone else showing a glimpse of clavicle wouldn’t get the kind of attention that Faye does. The writer goes on to say that it doesn’t matter what Faye’s wearing, even an old T-shirt, since that little bit of collar bone would make her whole image tantalizing. In the coming days or weeks, time permitting, I’m going to examine the other parts that make Faye so alluring.


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