New Faye Song to Be Released in Late September

According to Jinghua (27 Aug 2008), a never-released song by Faye Wong (王菲) will be included in a special edition album by Zhang Yadong  (张亚东). It is slated for release after the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, which will be held in Beijing Sep 6–17. The album has already been produced. Zhang says that he wouldn’t feel this album was complete if it didn’t include Faye’s song. He adds that Faye offered the song “to let this special edition receive more attention.” [Update: release planned for October. Beijing News 8.30.08]

Zhang emphasizes that the song was recorded many years ago but never released. He further states that “Wang Fei is a very important person in my music career. I hoped that her song could appear in my special edition.” He describes the sound as basic pop but unique and emotionally moving. He’s planning a concert in November around this album.

Comment: The report’s not clear about the number of Faye songs to be included, whether one or more. It’s also not clear as to whether Faye will appear in the November concert, but my guess is that she won’t since she’s pregnant.


2 Responses

  1. yes , bad timing with pregnancy xD

    and it is only interesting if this song is not the ‘wo ai ni’song we already got from the soundtrack oO

  2. Oh, good point. I didn’t think of that. So you think this might be”I Love You,” from the soundtrack of the movie by the same name? You could be right. I recall rumors to that effect. But, hey, based on Katie’s comments on the 28th, in maybe another year, Faye may be releasing a full album of original songs, including a lot of her own creations! Wo!

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