Faye Wong Will Return!

Katie Chen  (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), in an exclusive Entertainment Scene interview on Aug 28, confirmed that Faye Wong (王菲) will return to her career. Katie, Faye’s long-time manager, hinted that Faye will also be recording songs that she’s written. “In fact,” said Katie, “I think her voice so good, no loss in quality.” According to Katie, Faye is already thinking about how she’s going to approach her return. Katie said that she can’t be specific about the date and asked that fans be patient. (Post updated 8.29.08)

(Source Sina.com 8.29.08)


2 Responses


    Going crazy!!!!! Yeah……. She is coming back, but only after she gave birth to her 3rd child. So i guess its 1 year after that, beginning 2010. What do you think feifan?

  2. Fayever, I think you’re right! Let’s say she gives birth in April 2009, and let’s say that she spends a lot of the time while pregnant in the studio, working on the songs. And let’s say that she gets back into shape quickly — as she usually does. Heck, we may see the album released between Sep and Nov 2009 and Faye in a limited or full-scale concert tour that kicks off in HK Coliseum in mid-December 2009 and extending through much of 2010, covering all the major Chinese-speaking cities. OMG! This will be a dream come true!

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