Abortion Rumors Continue

Recent (September) photo of Faye Wong (王菲) at an airport in Hong Kong. Rumors continue of Faye aborting her fetus. According to Zaobao.com, Faye, on Sep 9, with the help of close friend Brigitte Lin (林青霞 Lin Ching-hsia) and Carina Lau (刘嘉玲 Liu Jialing), visited a well-known Hong Kong gynecologist, Liang Shude (梁淑德), about complications with her pregnancy. And, on the 13th, followed up with an abortion.

(Source Zaobao.com, 20 Sep 2008; updated 9.23.08, Southern Weekly 9.24.08)


8 Responses

  1. Is HK airport, I sat there once.

  2. Tkx for the clarification, Wubing! I’ll make the correction. I figured it was HK because of the English on the baggage cart, but I wasn’t 100% sure. LOL!

  3. Hehe is okie, we Faye fan help one another – aiyah why when I was there, she wasn’t there – hehe

  4. LOL! I’m always envious of the people who just happen to be at the right place at the right time to see Faye! I wonder if the person sitting close to her in the airport waiting area knows that she’s sitting next to Faye Wong! My dream is that one day I’ll board a flight and find that my seating companion is Faye! But the chances are almost nil because she probably flies first-class and I always fly economy. But IF it ever happens, I’d either be too scared to say anything or blabber like a fool. If she’s tired and wants to nap or if she seems to want privacy, I’d probably pretend that I didn’t know who she was and give her space. But if she’s friendly and willing to talk, I wonder what I would say to her. This would be my one-in-a-billion chance to be with her so I wouldn’t want to blow it.

  5. Updated the pic of me at HK airport on my blog. Go check it out Feifan.

  6. If I saw her in the airport, I will tell her see Faye look at my iPod, all your songs hahaha joking.

    Actually I once saw her in Singapore Airport and passed her a pic of me with a lot of her pics behind me, she smile and asked is that you? I said yes, than she give me a handshake…as for why we didn’t took a pic together than, cos my friend who supposed to be my photographer, never run as fast as me to reach to Faye’s side, before the security joined in the fun. “Arrgh” hahaha. None the less, I am glad to talk awhile with her before.

  7. Aw, man! You got to shake Faye’s hand! And see her in person, up close. You lucky SOB! That’s my dream! I remember asking someone on AAAF — I think it was Insecurity or Incognito, but I’m not sure — how it felt to shake her hand and to see her up close. And he said she “glowed.” That’s the word he used. This is something we can’t see in pictures and videos, or from a distance in a large arena. And in his description, he expressed the sense that the glow was not only physical but spiritual. I guess it would be the same sort of sensation one would have in the presence of an angel or a saint. He and others also used the words “warm” and “genuine” in describing her. And everyone who’s ever seen her in person say that she is exceedingly beautiful with skin that’s so clear that it’s almost translucent. And, of course, they always say that her eyes are shockingly mesmerizing. I guess the only way I’ll get to see Faye in person is to fly to Beijing and hang out in places where she’s known to visit. Wah!

  8. Ya Feifan,

    True. She does have a glow. That is how I felt when I saw Faye Wong than. In total, I met her twice in airport, once in the 1999 concert in Singapore, and the other time is when she came down to promote her Japan drama. Both of that time, I went down to see her at airport, this time round, I didn’t give her my photo, but a fan mail plus some pics of me and her posters inside the mail to remind her that hey that is me, the fan i passed the pic than in the 90s.

    Last but not least Feifan, this are some pics I took of Faye when she doing the promo in Singapore for the Jap drama. Share with you here – http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2290/951/1600/faye1.1.jpg

    The last time I shaked Faye’s hand is when she is in town to promote FOR LOVE in 2003, when she signed two of my albums. And the last date I see her face to face again is back in June 2004, her last recent world tour, when she came Singapore. Where u from and when you became her fan ? I really hope you can see her too, you did a good job.

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