Three Different Versions of ‘Those Flowers’

Dan has provided links to and notes for three different versions of “Those Flowers.” Click here to see his original comment and links. I’ll try to post them all here as MP3s in the next few days. I’ve listened to the second by Zhang Dan Dan. Here’s the MP3 recording.

Dan: “A mainland singer, Zhang Dan Dan (张丹丹)’s version of those flower (那些花儿).” Click here to visit the site.
[Added 9.26.08:] Nice! Zhang Dan Dan’s version has a cool, mellow bossa nova beat. The more I listen to this, the more I like it.

Dan: “A mainland male singer, Ma Tian Yu (马天宇)’s version of those flower (那些花儿).”
Comment: I wasn’t able to listen to the song at the URL Dan provided, but I was able to find a version on YouTube, added by Chhumpiseth on 18 Apr 2008.


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