Faye’s 2003 CCTV Music Awards Video

This is my all-time favorite Faye Wong (王菲) video! She appears in this video to accept the Pan-Asia Best Female Artist of the Year award. The ceremony was held in Beijing on 12 Sep 2003. In this clip, she sings “Wishing We Last Forever” (但愿人长久). The copy that produced this video was given to me by Danny, a key member of the All About Ah Faye forum. In my opinion, the quality is better than any that’s available on YouTube.  Click here for an earlier post on this video.


One Response

  1. Comment from Wubing: Sis, you should feature this video when Faye performed this love song together with Jacky and Leon Lai in Singapore, back in 1995, her voice is super good, esp the way she ” sing ” at the background….just pure FAYE.

    [Wubing — My apologies. I accidentally deleted this message from the comment section, but I fortunately had a copy of it. On another note, I tried to access the Faye concert(?) photos you linked to in a previous comment but got an error message.]

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