Rare Early Videos – No Regrets 1994

In this rare early MV, Faye Wong (王菲) sings “No Regrets (Marching Band Mix)” from one of my favorite albums, Mystery, which was released in April 1994. The video is from a YouTube upload by TVMoon on 22 April 2008. The quality of this video is outstanding! We see Faye as a 24-year-old, at the time when Chungking Express was filmed and released. Stunning close-ups of her beautiful face and mesmerizing eyes make this one of the most unforgettable videos.



2 Responses

  1. Feifan, I’ve been following this site for a few months. Love it. Good quality and a good mix of people of following it. Thanks for uploading this video. Faye is indeed an artist who has got a lot. Not sure if many would agree with me that it is her imperfection that somehow makes her perfect. I couldn’t locate this video from YouTube. Do you think she was performing with lip sync? It doesn’t appear to me she often does lip sync. Not sure why, perhaps the TV station wasn’t well prepared (or she wasn’t). I have to say not all performances of hers are perfect but as a fan we always accept it and in a way it allows us to see her more truly as a human rather than what the commercial musical executives want to portrait her as a heavenly goddess. If she were, it wouldn’t have earned so many prayers from us. Hope she will stage a great return but if she doesn’t she has given us her best.

  2. Yo, jeffrey827. Tkx for the kind words. Yeah, the people who find their way to this blog are among the nicest and most loyal fayenatics, and like you, they’re able to articulately express what it is about Faye that keeps us all hungry for more. That’s an interesting point, “that it is her imperfection that somehow makes her perfect.” I find myself nodding in agreement. Like when she screws up in a song and smiles, letting us know that she knows we know she’s goofed. LOL! It’s like an inside joke between Faye and us. Also, she’s cool with her fans. Not sure if you saw this post (click here) on Faye stopping the car to chat with fans who waited long hours to see her. Anyway, yeah, she’s so very human, and not just any kind of human but the very best kind of human. I’m not sure about the lip sync. She might have to do it some times because of production contingencies, but the fact is that we all know she’s one of the very, very few artists who can actually sing live and sound good. I mean, even with crummy musicians, audience noise, and poor recording equipment,she still sounds great! I like your point about Faye being a genuine person, someone we can all identify with, respect, and love.

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