Jeffrey827’s Comments on ‘Those Flowers – A Mystery?’

[Introduction: Jeffrey827’s comments below are based on the 7 June 2008 post “Those Flowers – A Mystery?” The issue is whether or not Faye Wong (王菲) is the singer in version A (see below), which is a studio-recorded release of “Those Flowers.” Confounding the problem is the fact that we don’t know the identity of the performer in version A — that is, assuming  it isn’t Faye. The 28 comments attached to that post by jeffrey827 and others are worth reading. Jeffrey827, however, takes the discussion to a whole new level with his detailed analysis of the different versions. -feifan]

jeffrey827, on October 2nd, 2008 at 8:56 pm said:
Feifan, ever since you published version A, I’ve been listening to it 50 times and I have to admit the more I listen the more I am convinced it isn’t her. I also listened to various artists’ performances and true this one comes close. I noticed 2 technical aspects: (1) key – same key used – most artists will use key that suits their natural vocal cord when doing the same cover (2) lyrics – only Faye and version A use lyrics “xing yun de shi wo, ceng pei ta men kai fang” (sorry I am not familiar with Chinese character input) which are not used by Pu Shu in his original. However, Faye in 2 of her live versions used “du..” rather than “la..” towards the end. I absolutely agree if she will do a studio version in her next album it will be an instant hit arousing critics to compare with other versions.

jeffrey827, on October 3rd, 2008 at 5:55 am said:
Now that I am hooked I listened to them a few more times. There are 3 lyrical differences between version A and the live version (by the way I think Wu Bing’s is the same as yours except yours didn’t start at the beginning):

  1. Before “you xie gu shi..” at 1:40-1:45 Faye uses Bjork like “i la..”
  2. The 3rd (and the last) time “ta men yi jing bei feng..” is supposed to be recited Faye sang it as “ni men hao xiang bei feng..”. This variation is the most intriguing part for me as I don’t know if she was spontaneous with words, or she forgot or she wrote it that way before performance. This is also the reason why I believe yours is the same as Wu Bing’s as both have such variation.
  3. The 3rd (and the last) time of “la la la..” Faye did it with a combination of “la, tu, a..” like a minority dialect which is similar to how Pu Shu sang it and for that I guess Faye admires him and purposely retained a bit of his style otherwise the 2 are of very different style.

In fact, no 2 performers use the same lyrics (so far). Also the musical notes used for the “la la la” part varies from one singer to another (again version A is very similar to Faye’s). This phenomenon usually happens to folk song and that’s why the first time I heard I couldn’t believe a young sing-a-song-writer (Pu Shu) composed it just in 2003. Perhaps Pu Shu got an “enlightenment”, an inspiration so intense that it spreads.

[List of different versions from the earlier post:]

A. This audio-only (“studio”) version is technically the best of the bunch, but is it Faye?

B. Faye’s live Shanghai concert version — sounds very similar to A.

C. Audio of Fan Fan’s MV version — doesn’t sound like A at all.

D. P u Shu’s live version.

E. Another version of Faye’s live performance submitted by Wubing 8.4.08.


7 Responses

  1. I’ve been listening to Faye Wong for the past 16 years. I know her voice well enough to easily tell that version A is NOT Faye.

  2. Yo, Incog! We had this same debate in the AAAF forum, and even there I was a minority of one. LOL! Here, there’s at least one other who thinks there’s a minuscule chance that the singer in version A may be Faye. So there’s a minority of two! BTW, the more I learn about Faye and fayenatics, the more I’m realizing that you guys in Singapore seem to have the most opportunity to see and meet Faye. You’re the envy of all fayenatics the world over!

  3. True, but the la la la so Faye leh.

  4. Hey feifan! I think fans in Beijing has the most opportunity to meet Faye now that she’s living there! Ha! Do visit us at AAAF forum. Some of us there miss your postings.

    BTW, I’m VERY sure that the singer in version A isn’t Faye. The ‘la la la’ part can be easily copied by that singer but not the way how Faye usually enunciates and hit her high notes. It’s SO obvious that it isn’t Faye. :)

  5. Yeah, I guess since she’s not performing, Beijing is probably the only place to have a good chance of seeing Faye. But when she resumes her career, I’ll bet you guys in Singapore will have the best opportunity to see her up close and in person. She seems to make herself available to the fans there. Maybe it’s because you all are so well-mannered.

    I miss AAAF, but I think you were right, a year or two ago(?), when you asked if I was a blogger. I wasn’t then, but I later realized that my style is better suited for blogging rather than forums. You probably don’t recall that exchange, but your instincts were right. I’ll definitely be returning to AAAF in the future.

    I know that AAAF is where the most knowledgeable English-speaking fayenatics are. I’ve always believed, and still do, that the combined knowledge of AAAFers like you, Insec, John, Joyce, LF, Jason, y.A.S.d.,and so many others could probably produce the most definitive biography of Faye on the planet! Especially you since you’ve had a chance to work with her in one (or more?) of her appearances. And I would be first in line to buy a copy!

    But for now, I have my hands full with work and this blog, which started out as a way for me to catalog and keep notes on Faye today and yesterday. In the process, I thought it might be fun to just open it up and share it with everyone and ask for their input, too, to correct the many errors that are in the posts. Kinda like a wiki.

    Man, I can’t wait for Faye to return! She’s still hot as ever, despite the absence.

    Oh, re version A — I think it’s probably wishful thinking on our part. We miss Faye so much that we hear her in any voice that sounds even remotely Fayeish. Is that Faye? It must be! I hope it is. A new song! Yes!

  6. Haha, ya we all miss Faye. Anyway this is so nice –

  7. Wubing, we’re losing ground. The evidence is stacking up against the idea that version A is sung by Faye. But no one can tell us who’s singing it. When the singer is positively identified or if Faye or Katie contacts us and says it’s not Faye, then I’ll give in. But until then, there’s a rapidly shrinking chance (.0001%) that it might be Faye! LOL! Yes, the Carpenters’ covers is a fun video. We actually did a post on it a while back — click here. As a teenager, she sang these songs in an album released in China — before she moved to Hong Kong.

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