Faye Wong’s First Film – Traces of the Heart

The English title for Faye Wong’s (王菲) first film is Traces of the Heart. (Click here to see our related post of 16 Sep 2008.)  The Chinese title is 別姬. It was made in 1990 when Faye was 20. The photo of the VCD is from Ifeng.com (2 Oct 2008). The video clip below was added to YouTube by dtssp1 on 22 Dec 2007. It provides glimpses into the film that runs approximately 50 minutes.

In the Ifeng article, the writer speculates that this film isn’t mentioned in any of Faye’s biographies because of the gay subject matter. My guess is that it’s not mentioned simply because it’s not very well known. It apparently wasn’t widely released and viewed, and in 1990, Faye was really just beginning her career. A couple years later, she’d hit it big as a singer, and a year after that she’d begin acting in TV series, but at this point, she had yet to arrive.


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  1. Hi I just discovered your site, do you mind if I link to you? I love Faye Wong, and seeing any news of her really is nice.

  2. Hi, cfensi. No, I don’t mind at all. Please do. I’d return the favor by linking to your cfensi blog, too, if your emphasis is primarily Faye Wong. Thanks!

  3. Don’t worry about it. I don’t need a link back since my site is not all about Faye unless there’s big news about her…I just like your site.

  4. Haha ya Feifan, I also wanna link ya site on my blog very soon. It is a good site.

  5. Hi, Wubing. Thanks! If your blog is primarily Faye Wong oriented, we can add a link to it from this blog. Let us know if you want to do this, and give us the URL. Wouldn’t it be cool if we actually got a message from Faye saying that, yes, she is the singer in version A of “Those Flowers”! LOL! We’d have the last laugh!

  6. She has to be the singer. that looks too much like her. Her huge eyes are a dead giveaway, as well as her expression. It’s classic Faye.

    Back then everything wasn’t as digital or easily accessible so this is probably why it got lost in the background.

  7. Hi, Cfensi. I agree, Faye is defnitely the singer in this film. I also agree that it’s her eyes — yeah, a dead giveaway. When she was 20, some of the baby fat in her face is still visible, giving her face a fuller, rounder look. In the next 2 or 3 years, it gradually disappears and we have the sculpted, chiseled, beauty that we know as Faye.

    Re the comment I made to Wubing — sorry for the confusion. I was referring to another thread in which we’re debating who the singer for the song “Those Flowers” is in version A of the MP3s. Wubing and I are the only ones who think that it may be Faye, but with so much evidence against us, I’ve just about given up the position. LOL!

  8. I am still there for u Feifan, I still feel it is Faye, cos only her give me a type of feeling like an angel hugging me ( trying to explain a sensation) and that singer, does that. So it can only be Faye to me. Until the imposter stands up, I will still believe it is her. This website that provide a lot of songs to download, also stated that song artist name as Faye….


  9. Just watched the clip… ah cheesy canto soaps… is it really a movie?? I recognise some of those actors, must be a TV movie. Am I missing something? the other posts talk about a song that Faye sings in the clip?? I didn’t see her singing… is it in the background and I missed it?

  10. Hey, Deb. I’ve been searching for the other clips but haven’t been successful. The entire 50-minute film was available in YouTube segments at one time. You’re right. No singing in the clip that’s posted. But in the actual film, she does perform. I saw it it through only once. I don’t recall which songs, but I believe they were some of her hits. It’s consistent with her role as a singer. You’re right about the actors. The guy who plays her fiance also co-starred with her in one or more of her other TV movies a few years later. There’s no way Faye can pass for a middle-aged woman in this film. She looks all of 20 — and no more.

  11. I have the VCD

  12. Hui, do you remember if it was popular when it first came out? With it’s 50-minute length, I’m guessing that it was released as a made-for-TV film. Hang on to that. You might have a real collector’s item worth a lot of bucks if it’s rare.

  13. It wasn’t very widely promoted during the time i bought it (almost 10yrs ago and I cldn’t remember where did i bought it) it came with a transparent casing with no cover casing at all.. I bought it cus I happened to passby a vcd shop i & the gimples of Faye attracted my attention.

  14. Hui, you lucked out by being in the right place at the right time. Even in this early film, we can see how Faye is able to dominate with her presence. She doesn’t have to say or do much, but she’s the one the audience focuses on and remembers. Faye has a natural depth of character and beauty that’s more than skin deep, regardless of the role or quality of the production. Thanks for sharing the details of your find, Hui.

  15. not to mention i collect everything i cld during last time, i am very much a faye’s fan. And becus of some connections i manage to see her twice & took photos with her, alittle chit chat & autographs… she is really a very frdly person. And!..She loves to smoke cus b4 she did recording every 1 hv to wait for her cus she need to smoke b4 coming in. I hv to say she is kind to fans and love fans not giving her expensive gift but photos of herself or papers cutting.. very charismatic person, Will always remember how i held my breath when seeing her.

  16. Hui, that’s funny. I think I’d forget to breathe, too, turn blue, and pass out if I ever met Faye up close. LOL! People who’ve met her say that about her, that she loves to smoke. I remember a video in which she’s in a recording studio and smoking between takes. I’ll have to put that up one of these days. It seems like everyone who’s met her says she’s very friendly and nice, natural. I can believe it because in the concert videos that I’ve seen this love for and camaraderie with the audience is very evident. Did you get her to autograph a CD or a photo? If I ever go to one of her concerts, I’m taking along my Fu Zao CD just in case I get close enough for an autograph. After that, I’d lock it away in a safe place and never play it again. But the greatest thrill would be to have my picture taken with her! I’ll bet those photos with Faye are your prized possessions!

  17. Yup, to hv photos with her were all along my dream since I was crazy over her.. Now those 2 photos are my most precious things, I hv them kept in my purse everyday.
    I hv her signed on the photo that we’ve took together, some albums i.e. (Fei MiMi Zhi Yin, Tian Kong, Di-Dar, Chang You…), some photos & the best is a huge Japan Jphone poster tat she signed especially to me writing my name on it in front of me when I first met her in the studio! Those were the days i miss so much.. I did see her a few time when she came Singapore.. but always with alots of fans..
    It was only that 2 encounters in studio that I can be 1 to 1 with her & since only 1 fan there she was very frdly and signed on the things i requested and hv the chance to take photos (I was shaken all over the first time).
    Dear FeiFan, I am sure u can meet her someday, with determination dream will def. come true & I truely know you can!

  18. Hui, you’re sooo lucky. I’ve said this before — you Singapore fayenatics seem to have the best opportunities to meet and work with Faye! Meeting her in person is probably close to impossible, but I hope I’ll have a chance to see her live in concert when she returns to the stage! Heck, I’d be happy to have a chance to buy her first album when she returns. Even if I can’t see her, just to hear her voice again, singing new material, would be a dream come true. Thanks for sharing! Through you, the rest of us can also experience Faye up close and personal! BTW, the albums you list are some of my favorites: Chang You (Emotional Life, Face, Red Bean, Tong), Tian Kong (Reservedness, Pledge, Sky, Chesspiece, Angel), Fei MiMi Zhi Yin (Wishing We Last Forever, Lotus in the Snow, If I Am Bonafide), and Di-Dar (Scandalous, Di-Dar, Mo Tai, Comet, Vacation). Wow! That’s a priceless collection!

  19. Up to date, its till so lucky to have such an awesome website for Faye, I can feel your love for her… I truely wish u can get her autograph for Fu Zhao, a personal encounter with her & photo with her. Dun faint when u see her, at first I tot I would faint too (frankly b4 she arrives) but eventually Faye’s friendly approach will make u feel much comfortable and not so nervous when talking to her, a cool diva yet compassionate to Fans that is Faye!

  20. Tkx for the kind words, Hui. Ever since I saw and heard Faye in CKE, I’ve been a fayenatic. Her extraordinary talent, genius, voice, beauty, and character make her a one off. The sum of all that’s Faye is far greater than any one quality, Re her music and style, I agree with Zheng Xi Yi (郑希怡), a Taiwan pop singer, who says that Faye’s songs “comfort the soul.”

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