Zhang Ya Dong on Faye Wong’s Return

In recent days, China’s entertainment media has been focusing on Zhang Ya Dong’s (張亞東) comments about Faye Wong’s (王菲) return. In a recent interview, he said that he’s working with Na Ying (那英) on her new album. Before the Olympic Games, there were rumors that Na Ying and Faye would be developing an album together after the Olympics. It looks as though Na Ying is following through. About Faye’s absence in the project, Zhang simply said that she has decided to extend her rest for an undisclosed reason. If rumors of Faye’s miscarriage or abortion are true, then the reason is quite obvious: she needs time to recuperate. However, we should all remember Katie Chen’s (陈家瑛, Chen Jiaying) admonition that we be patient and not pressure Faye to return until she feels good and ready.

Apparently, the release of Zhang’s new album, which will feature a “new” song by Faye, is immiment. The song was recorded sometime in the past but never released. Next month (Nov 2008), Zhang is planning a live performance of the various artists in the album. He hopes that Faye will be able to participate, but he hasn’t received a firm commitment. Zhang, in the past, has consistently acknowledged Faye’s seminal contribution to his career and development. He realizes that Faye is unique and very special in China’s music industry, and he’s looking forward to working with her once again.

Background info: Faye, Zhang, and song writer Lin Xi (林夕) are referred to as the “iron triangle” because of the many benchmark hits that they produced together. Zhang and Faye are close, and he has played an important part in Faye’s career. Na Ying is one of Faye’s closest friends. They are more like sisters than friends. Katie is Faye’s long-time manager. She and Faye are careful to keep their relationship professional, but Katie is really like a mother to Faye.

The audio in the video below is current, but the video clips, I believe, are drawn from old sources. The Sina clip of Faye in the recording studio is obviously from the past.

[Added 11.2.08:] For an update to this story, click here.


2 Responses

  1. Wonder when will the Faye recorded song inside Zhang album be releasing ?

  2. Good question, Wubing. I’m assuming it’ll be next month, in November, or even later this month. I have a feeling it’s going to be a sell-out as soon as it’s released, just because of Faye! I hope it’s a completely new song, one that we haven’t heard yet. Man, I’m excited! I’m hoping that she’ll feel up to doing an MV version as well as participate in the live performance planned by Zhang. This may very well be Faye’s first step in her return.

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