Faye Wong’s Video – Sunflower

This video is from a YouTube upload by Rickotube on 19 Oct 2008. (Kakashihin uploaded the same video on 13 June 2006.) I really like it. The song is “Sunflower,” from Jiang Ai (Nov 2003), which Faye Wong (王菲) wrote and composed. The MV captures Faye in a completely new look, but what’s really intriguing is the way the video incorporates background clips from the Dec 2003 concert in Hong Kong Coliseum. We see Faye in rehearsals, and Zhang Ya Dong (张亚东) in the opening seconds. We see her jumping in exaltation at the end of the concert, apparently high on the excitement and relieved that the long and demanding performance is over. We also see her leaving the Coliseum, waving to fans who are patiently waiting outside. There are many other clips that make this one of the best for an insider feel for what it must be like to work with Faye, backstage, at one of her concerts. Awesome!


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  1. There is something i need ur clarification.
    Faye Wong is left handed or right handed?

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