Is Faye Left or Right Handed?

Raymond Chua has asked a good question in his 10.23.08 comment — one that I’ve never though to ask. Is Faye Wong (王菲) left handed or right handed? I went through a whole bunch of photos and noticed that Faye holds the mike in her right hand nearly all the time. But there are a few exceptions. She also writes and puts on makeup with her right hand. She eats with her right most of the time — but there’s an exception in the photo from her Fu Zao album. She bats and throws right handed, but she licks her left thumb. The photo with Tony Leung (Chiu-Wai 梁朝偉) is interesting. If she were a lefty, she’d use her left hand to cup her mouth. I didn’t add a photo of her talking on the phone, but in the photos that I have, she holds it in her left hand. I’ve always viewed Faye as very athletic, very well coordinated, so I’m guessing that she is one of those rare people who could actually be ambidextrous if she wanted to. But I don’t know the real answer.


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  1. As i remember during interview for the movie loving me loving you, She sign the poster and had her autograph sign using right handed but in sunflower music video she is using left hand to sign the autograph.

    I really confused.

  2. I always thought she is right-handed, didn’t notice that she uses left hand to sign autograph in MV.

  3. Raymond, I see what you mean! I just reviewed the “Sunflower” video, and I was confused, too. At about the 27-33 second mark, where she’s signing little boxes of something, we’re actually seeing her in the mirror of her dressing room. That’s why her hands are reversed. She’s actually signing with her right. But this is still an intriguing question. I have a feeling she uses her left for many things and does them all quite well.

  4. Fei Fan, i just review the mtv again. It is left hand. although it is mirror reflect yet it is still left hand. Otherwise u try it out. Hehe

  5. Dan, I missed that, too. Raymond has sharp eyes! When I viewed the video, I was shocked, too, but when I replayed that segment a few more times, I saw that the confusion was caused by a mirror. LOL! I was blown away for a few minutes.

  6. Raymond, I see what u mean. Left or right — it all depends on which is the real image and which is the reflection. And it’s hard to tell in the brief clip! LOL!

  7. You try to sit in Faye position and hold the pen similar to her position. I think u r confused not. It is the same hand which she uses to cut the piece of cakes in Fu Zhao Album……it shows she is using the left hand to sign but on the mirror image it is our right hand side. But it is still left hand.


  8. Can you take a snap of the picture on 27-33 sec of the image. Lets see.

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