Rare Video – Faye Wong at a Small Club in 1997

It was evening on Valentine’s Day, 1997, at the Nianhua Club in Beijing. The punk rock group 69, with its lead singer Peter, was performing. What makes this night special is that the super star, Faye Wong (王菲), is in the audience. The quality of this video is poor, but it’s still a marvelous opportunity to see Faye in a crowd, just hanging out. This video is from a YouTube upload by Texasdaveodell on 16 Jan 2008. The YouTube version is much longer. However, this segment includes all the scenes in which Faye appears. According to Texasdaveodell’s notes, Wang Fei often came to the early punk clubs with Dou Wei [窦唯] and his sister Dou Ying [竇穎] those years.” He describes Faye in this video: “Wang Fei has dark short hair, smoking a cig at the table very close to [the stage].”

Related article: Faye and Dou Wei 14 Feb 1997


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