Faye Wong Shopping on October 13

These are photos of Faye Wong (王菲) out shopping on Oct 13 at a “high-end shopping mall” near the Great Point Road in Beijing. This is how the reporter described Faye: “[she was in] a black dress, but wearing red stockings and carrying a red packet, very trendy and eye-catching.”

Sources QingDaoNews (10.27.08) and Netease Entertainment.


6 Responses

  1. Faye is beautiful 360 degree…even her back view…haiz miss faye so much.

  2. Hi Fei fan, do u think is cool if your website have a chatbox or something, cos just wanna post this, but not sure where to post…here goes…anyway updated some nice FAYE pics on my blog but I had no idea where is this pic taken, wish to know if anyone know ?

  3. Hi Wubing, are u one of the fans being interviewed by radio station 88.3 outside the indoor stadium before faye’s singapore concert 1999 starts?

  4. Dan, if you can post the URL for the video (or photo?), I’ll publish it in Faye Wong Today.

  5. Hi, feifan, there is no video, it is just audio recording of a dj interviewing a bunch of fans outside the indoor stadium. I re-listen to it recently and heard a fan introducing himself as ‘wubing’, so i thought maybe he is the one who visits this website oftenly. And also i hope anyone who has the recording of singapore concert 1999 can upload them too. I only heard one song from these concert, the ‘don’t break my heart’. I believe someone must have recorded the whole concert, but no one upload them yet. Me myself recorded the singapore concert 2004 and uploaded them, so i really hope anyone who has the recording of 1999 and 1995 can upload them too one day. Thanks in advance!

  6. Faye’s 1998-99 Scenic Tour Concerts are among the best ever. I wish we had great videos for all the different cities in the tour. New Year’s Eve HK Coliseum concert DVD is one of my favorites. I’m with you. I hope someone will be able to upload the entire Singapore ’99 concert.

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