Zhang Denies Faye Comeback Statement

On Nov 2, Zhang Ya Dong (張亞東) told reporters, “I never said that Faye Wong [王菲] would return. The media reported this without any basis. Her comeback is her own business. How would I know?” He also denied inviting Faye to participate in his upcoming Beijing concert, which will feature individuals who performed on his latest album. For a related post, click here.

(Source: Sohu 11.3.08)


2 Responses

  1. BTW, about the Sohu (10.31.08) news of Faye accompany LYP to the 50th anniversary Xi’an Film Studio concert, “Song of the Film,” on Nov 8, LYP’s manager Ma Jia posted reply on LYP’s official forum denied that both of them are attending the event.

  2. Dan, thanks for the heads up! I’ll add a note to the alert ASAP!

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