Rehearsal for Faye’s 1994 Concert

I’m not sure why, but this is one of my all-time favorite Faye Wong (王菲) videos. Some might feel it’s boring because it’s a studio rehearsal for her 1994 HK Coliseum concert. She’s just sitting on a stool, relaxed, singing. She’s wearing glasses and a simple blue coat. No fancy costumes, lighting, camera angles, or filters. Yet, I find it mesmerizing. Her confidence and maturity are amazing when we realize that she’s only 25 years old. The video shows a side of Faye that fayenatics don’t often see — the professional, serious, no-nonsense, all-business side that makes her so different from other “stars” who are merely performers, personaltiies, pretty faces, or FOTMs. Faye’s the complete package. She not only knows what she’s doing with her career and her music, but she’s also intimately involved in all aspects of it. Seriously, can you think of any other artist in the world who’s able to turn nearly everything she/he sings into an instant classic? This is why we see a consistently extraordinary quality in all her performances and resulting products such as albums and concerts. If I had a choice of attending the concert or being invited to just sit and observe this rehearsal, I think I’d choose the rehearsal. Yeah!

(Source: from a Tudou video)


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  1. this is my kind of video. very awesome stuff. thanks for posting! faye is the best.

  2. Hey, ushiroyubi, tkx for the comment. I’m glad you liked the video, too. There are so many facets to Faye that it’s almost impossible to describe or explain them all. She’s an extremely complex human being. But that’s what makes her so awesome. We can’t even begin to comprehend what it is, exactly, that makes her so special.

  3. Couldn’t said it better myself. Usually I respect people more when they compose their own music and don’t think of prepackaged stars as artist, but I was mesmerized by her even before I knew she wrote any of her own songs. Hell, even if she did only remakes I’d still think she was amazing. You can tell how much of an artist she is from just watching her…so different from the rest.

  4. can you tell me the song’s name?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi. At the rehearsal, the songs, in order, are “Brink of Love and Pain” (Ingratiate Oneself, Dec 94), “Chesspiece” (Sky, Nov 94), and “No More Games” (No Regrets, Feb 93).. Even in rehearsals, Faye sounds fabulous!

  6. What I find cool about this vid is that Faye can sit down quietly, belt out the songs as relaxed as can be, then get out on stage and add so much personality into her performance that really gives the song a new dimension. Back in those days, everyone was used to rehearsed dance moves or the dramatic ballads, then along came Faye with her quirky dancing and natural performances. Audiences either loved or hated her, at the end of it all, no one could deny her talent and she offered music & style that was cutting edge.

  7. Yeah, it’s interesting that no one’s been able to do what she’s done with concerts. Most are still staged, choreographed shows (ugh!). And when they try to appear natural, even that appears unnatural and staged. I guess Faye is natural because she’s not faking it. She’s just being herself, trying to give the best possible performance. That’s the amazing attraction of Faye — an artist who’s not trying to be anyone other than herself. I think this is why her fans are willing to wait forever for her concerts. They’re always, as you say, “cutting edge” because she doesn’t imitate anyone or follow formulas, and no one can possibly imitate her. Every Faye concert is one of a kind, as unique as Faye.

  8. I saw this video on a special feature on one of here MV DVDs. I love this to death…to me she looks more glamorous here than with all the make-up and costumes in her concerts. It’s very honest, raw, and uncompromising. And her voice is just as clear as in the albums! I wish she’d put on a show that’s stripped down in this way.

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